Paintball Game

Paintball game is one of the world’s most exciting and adventurous outdoor sports. It is considered to be the only extreme sport that energizes players without any risk of injury, but you have to know how to play paintball. People of any age, profession and gender can participate in this sport as extensive training is not required here. This sport is played in over 40 different countries.

How to Play Paintball

In the sport of paintball, the players are generally divided into two teams. In the common form of paintball, the aim of players is to capture the flag of opponent team and return to their starting point. In the other form of game, players are supposed to eliminate the opponents by marking them using paintball marker. If the player or his equipment is marked with paint, he/she is eliminated. The paintball game can last from few seconds to some hours depending upon the objective of game.

History of this sport

This sport was invented by Bob Gurnsey, Hayes Noel and Charles Gaines. The first game was played in the year 1981 in which twelve players had participated. This game was to capture the flag of the opponent. The paintball game was very different in its early years than the modern paintball sport. In the early days, paintballs were thrown at each other or Nelspot Pistols were used. In the later years, the technology developed and Nelspot Pistols were replaced by semi automatic guns. Nowadays, the rules of this sport have been standardized and can be played by anyone of any age group.

Kinds of Paintball There are four kinds of paintball game Woodsball This sport is played in woods. Two kinds of woodsball exist: Capture Flag: In this game, the flag of other team has to be captured and brought to the starting point. Lot of teamwork and communication is required here. Elimination: In this game, the team that stands till the end wins. The objective of players is to eliminate the opponents by shooting paintballs at them. Scenario This is most interesting and real kind of paintball game based on a scenario. Common ones are to protect their president, or depict the world wars and so on. Speedball/ Tournament Speedball is very fast from of paintball sport. Here the field has inflated balloon like bunkers. Tournament paintball has many more rules. Stock class It is also referred to as pump games. Here the use of paintball marker apart from those having pump action is restricted. Equipments involved: This sport is equipment oriented. Various equipments involved are: Paintball marker

These markers come in various shapes and sizes. They are used for marking the opponents by triggering paintballs at them. If the marker involves pump action, every time it must be recocked before shooting. In case of semi automatic markers, the marker’s action recocks it.


Paintballs are round, thin skinned capsules filled with color liquid. The liquid is water soluble, biodegradable, non-caustic and non-toxic in nature. It is easy to rinse from the clothes.

Head/eye gear

In order to protect the player from injury, gears are required. Specially designed eye gears must be worn for eye protection. Head gears are required for head protection and must be worn throughout the sport.

Selecting the right equipment

You must be careful in selecting the equipments for this paintball game. Technology is advancing day by day and hence new and modern equipments are introduced in markets after every six months. Hence, you must read the reviews from reliable source. They will help you to decide about the right product. Play hard, but safely!